Subaru Added Security & Maintenance Plans

Donaldsons Subaru proudly (and exclusively) offers Subaru Added Security products - the only extended service contract and maintenance plans backed by Subaru of America - for your best protection, coverage and peace of mind. 

For added profit, some dealers prefer to sell service contract products by 3rd parties that can often be "mistaken" for Subaru-backed protection or sold "as good as" Subaru Added SecurityBE CAREFUL when considering these independent plans as they often require the use of inferior replacement parts, exclude important coverages like wear and tear, or make it extremely difficult to collect benefits - that is if they are still in business! 

REMEMBER - a maintenance/warranty contract is only as good as the company that backs it and no one will take better care of your Subaru than Subaru. That's why Donaldsons Subaru only recommends Subaru Added Security products on new Subarus. After reviewing this page, you'll understand why Subaru Added Security offers you the best value for your money and why Donaldsons Subaru will offer our customers nothing less than the best.

Donaldsons Subaru believes in full transparency.  We have a responsibility to keep our customers informed, safe and happy with their vehicles. ON THIS PAGE we will separate fact from fiction and share the most common questions and answers about Subaru Added Security service contracts and maintenance plans - explaining which ones may or may not make the most sense for you. If you have any questions, please call us at 631-567-6400.

What does a Subaru Added Security extended service contract cover?

Subaru Added Security products compliment Subaru's limited factory 3-year, 36k mile bumper-to-bumper and 5-year, 60k mile powertrain warranty by paying for most repairs no longer covered by the warranty. Protection can be extended up to 7-years, 100,000 miles. These plans are IDEAL for high-mileage drivers or for those who plan on keeping their Subaru for more than 3 years/36k miles. When you consider the complex components, technology and sophisticated electronics in newer vehicles, an extended service contract makes sense.

You may choose from two different levels of coverage:
  • Classic Plans cover nearly 1,000 parts in all major component areas, including engine, transmission, drivetrains, front suspension, steering, brakes, electrical, cooling and fuel systems and air conditioning. Also provides towing and rental car reimbursement for covered repairs. See list price table below.

  • Gold Plus Plans include all Classic plan coverage plus hundreds more parts. In fact they provide essentially the same bumper-to-bumper coverage as the basic factory warranty but for a longer period. Only a few maintenance items and body parts are not covered. The Gold Plus plan also reimburses for lodging and meals when a breakdown interrupts your out-of-town travel, plus: 24-hour emergency roadside assistance*, $100 allowance for Sign & Drive dispatched towing, jump start, tire change, gasoline delivery, locksmith service, road hazard tire protection, computerized trip routing, dealer locator service and travel assistance. See list price table below.

Does Subaru also have a Maintenance Plan?

Yes, the Subaru maintenance plan enables you to lock-in the cost of the scheduled maintenance required to keep your basic factory warranty in force and your car in top running condition. These plans are IDEAL if you lease your Subaru because they can be tailored to the length of your lease and include the cost into your lease payment. With the maintenance plan, your only auto expense may be at the gas pump. As an ADDED INCENTIVE, each maintenance plan comes with a $500 coupon towards the purchase of your next Subaru. See list price table below.

Choose the maintenance plan best suited for you:
  • 2 or 3 years/30,000; 36,000; or 45,000 miles
  • Mileage intervals - 6,000 or 7,500
  • Provides service by factory trained technicians
  • Guarantees the use of genuine Subaru parts
  • Allows your car to be serviced at any quality Subaru dealer.

What other benefits do Added Security contracts include?

  • Covers wear and tear
  • Protects major investment
  • Inflation hedge on future repairs
  • Can be included in car payment
  • $175 car rental allowance
  • $50 towing allowance
  • Transferable
  • Cancelable
  • Includes parts and labor
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Unlimited claims
  • Zero deductible option

What other benefits do Added Security contracts include?

  • Enhance the resale value of your car. When trading, dealers know that vehicles covered by an extended warranty are better maintained and worth more to the next owner.
  • Any remaining coverage can be transferred to another private owner or you can cancel your coverage and apply for a pro rata refund.
  • If you choose a plan with a deductible, you will pay it only once for each repair visit. Some 3rd party plans charge a deductible for each different component repaired during the same visit.
  • Added Security protects your investment and provides an inflation hedge on future repairs. As with other goods and services, the cost of parts and labor will increase.
  • Added Security also covers consequential damage. When a non-covered part is damaged as a result of a mechanical failure of a covered part, Added Security will cover the repair of both parts. You get unlimited claims and only one deductible per repair visit!

What is the cost of the Maintenance Plans
 and Subaru Added Security?

Prices shown are LIST prices only and DO NOT reflect manufacturer specials, incentives or Donaldsons Subaru discounts. (Contact Donaldsons Subaru for price discounts for your particular model.)

Comes with a $500 coupon toward your next Subaru lease or purchase.  
This coupon must be presented upon arrival and is good on an in-stock unit only.

Subaru Added Security Plans

Subaru Added Security plans offer a wide range of plans to best fit your needs and your pocket.  These plans range in price based upon length /miles covered, deductible desired and what is covered and start as low as $600.  To find the plan that is the best for you please call Robert Zolyniak at 631-590-5217 or Patty Davis at 631-590-5208 our finance specialists to go over all of your options.

Will I have to pay a deductible?

No. You can choose a plan with $0 deductible. As you can see in the table above, the $50 and $100 deductibles cost less than the $0 deductible. Added Security is designed to pay the cost of a covered repair directly to the dealer, so that all you have to pay is one low deductible per repair visit, no matter how many components need repair. 

What cars are eligible for Added Security?

Added Security was created exclusively for owners of Subaru vehicles to provide protection against the cost of unexpected, major mechanical breakdowns. Any Subaru model that is still covered under Subaru of America's basic 3-year, 36k mile warranty is eligible for Added Security, unless it is used commercially or damage caused by unreasonable use or lack of proper maintenance. 

How long does the service contract coverage last?

You can select the length of coverage that best suits your needs. You have a choice between multiple plans and terms. You can even choose a plan that covers your Subaru until it is seven years old or has accumulated 100,000 odometer miles, whichever comes first. The plan term is calculated from the start of the factory warranty and at zero miles. 

Where should I go to have covered repairs performed?

Added Security is honored throughout the United States and Canada at over 700 authorized Subaru dealers, where you can be sure to get genuine Subaru replacement parts installed by factory trained technicians. 

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